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Safe Living Technologies (SLT) began in 2006, at a time when wireless technology was just beginning to expand, without any caution. SLT understood that this expansion was going to be an issue in regards to our overall health and environment. Rob Metzinger, President and Founder, understood as an Electronics Engineer that our very cells communicate using electrical current, and became concerned about the interference of manmade frequencies on the human body.

Soon afterwards, he made the decision to further his education to become a Certified Build Biologist and educator in the advanced studies of EMF/EMR and as an electromagnetic radiation specialist. Since then, he continues to strive as a leader in the field of education and advocacy around the complex and burgeoning issue regarding our wireless world.

Thousands of studies prove that electrosmog has negative biological impact. Considering this, it is in our best interest to minimize exposure to this invisible force as much as possible. Our wide range of EMF and RF meters will ensure the overall efficacy of your shielding practices; keeping your exposure levels as low as possible in order to optimize your health. 

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