If you are looking for an EMF shielding device for home, EMF protection from your homes wiring, especially in your bed room, the Remote Cut Off Switch is a great choice. Most residential homes still use unshielded wiring (Romex, Knob and Tube) which causes increased electric fields. With a press of a single button, one can shutoff up to 4 branch circuits in the home without having to physically flip the breaker switch. 

The Remote Cut Off Switch also is recommended to be installed when using a RF Shielding Bed Canopy. If the home has unshielded wiring, electric fields can be attracted to the metal woven into the fabric and increase the electric fields present. That’s why it is necessary to measure using an EMF meter and an RF Meter before and after installing these products.
If you want to further shield the rest of your home from other EMR sources, Safe Living Technologies offers a variety of shielding products that can be found by clicking here.

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