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PF5 Pocket EMF Detector

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Simple, Easy to Use Electric Field and Magnetic Field Detector

It uses color coded LED’s which correlate to measurement ranges to assess the electric field or magnetic field exposure in your environment.

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PF5 Pocket EMF Detector

The PF5 Pocket EMF Detector is a compact, simple to use detector, used to measure electric and magnetic fields (20 Hz – 50 kHz).


  • Wide EMF frequency detection range : 20 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Electric Field Measurement Range: 5 to 200 V/m
  • Magnetic Field Measurement Range: 0.2 to 20 mG
  • Color coded LED’s which identify measured values.
  • Battery operated (9V DC)
  • Small, compact handheld design, 65mm X 110mm


  • Testing home appliances
  • Testing electrical wiring and identifying electrical errors
  • High voltage and residential power lines
  • Cars
  • Power transformers
  • Computers
  • Lighting systems
  • Alarm clocks and more


  • PF5 Pocket EMF Detector
  • Carrying Pouch
  • User’s Guide
  • 9 Volt Battery

Optional Carrying Case:

  • Interior Dimensions: L=18cmx W=8cm x H=3cm
  • Exterior Dimensions: L=20cmx W=10cm x H=4cm
PF5 Pocket EMF Detector

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 12 × 16 cm
PF5 Pocket EMF Detector


1 review for PF5 Pocket EMF Detector

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Originally I got an Acousticom2 and used it to lower my wifi levels and modify some other things accordingly. Then on a whim I got this PF5 meter as a matching piece. Little did I know what it would reveal.

    Here is the situation. I have been living in our family house which was built in 1974. The kitchen seating area was irradiated with very high levels of electromagnetism ever since my parents built it and moved in. The problem was the lighting circuit, which began in the kitchen area and covered another room. Whenever any of the overhead lights in those rooms were turned on, it would bathe the kitchen seating area in an intense magnetic field.

    During house construction, it looks like the wire that ran behind the seating area was drywalled over before it was completed. Due to the different wires betweeen the switchplate junction box and the electric panel, there is a junction. So it looks as if there is a junction box nearbly inside the wall, inaccessible.

    Between the lighting switch and the overhead light in the seating area, only the hot wire was connected. No neutral was connected alongside it to cancel out the EMF field. To paraphrase NEC 303.3(b): “all conductors in the same circuit must be in the same cable or raceway”.

    I traced this circuit all the way to the other end, which ended up along the basement ceiling. There I found that the electricians had wired a lone “bootleg” white neutral wire from that junction box over to another circuit’s neutral on a nearby junction box a couple feet away. So the hot went into one end of the circuit, and the neutral came out the other end.

    Before I fixed that, the meter was absolutely pegged at the highest magnetic readings. That was my first impression, I wasn’t sure if the meter was working correctly at first.

    I fixed the circuit by disconnecting the lone hot wire that ran through the kitchen seating area and the bootleg neutral at the other end. I then ran a new cable to it in the basement, backfeeding that circuit from the opposite end. Problem gone.

    Now I think I know why my mom died from cancer about 25 years ago at a young age, and why I nearly died from cancer too about ten years ago. We both sat in this area of the house extensively.

    So get a pair of these meters (PF5 & Acousticom2). Get a pair of these to suss out your living areas and workplace, and hold on to them. You may just discover something interesting now or in the future. Or maybe just confirm that all is well for yourself and help someone else out.

    This review was for a second pair I got, these for my brother who grew up with me in this house, and he now has his own home and workplace in another town.

    Take care

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