EMF Protection Reviews

EMF Protection – Reviews

Below is our guide of EMF protection products and reviews to help you chose the most effective EMF protection for your individual needs.

EMF protection is essential to our overall health: create EMF harmony and optimize your wellbeing.

Use our EMF meters to ensure you are always kept aware of your EMF exposure and the effectiveness of your mitigation techniques. This is essential to gain effective results and can also help to reduce your RF radiation exposure from sources outside of your control.

With a growing number of cell towers and 5G implementation, awareness is key in order to create the living space possible.

Detect, protect and verify: three steps to achieving peace of mind.

EMF Meters – Reviews

Safe and Sound Micro RF Detector

Safe and Sound Micro RF Meter

The Safe and Sound Micro RF Detector is a very effective device. Without having to get out a bulky meter, I was able to demonstrate to my carpool (while driving) the RF levels on the highway as we passed cell towers. Overall, the Safe and Sound Micro RF Detector is not only great functionally for detecting RF levels, but also works simply as an educational tool while doubly helping to provide a super light-weight and discreet means of informing oneself about exposure levels in day-to-day life.

Posted by Aleister Tanek Javas Mraz on 23rd Feb 2022

Safe and Sound Pro II – Pro RF Meter

Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter

“I’ve used other meters, this one is so easy to use and not bulky. It is quite detailed displaying Peak, Max and Avg readings. I found it to be the best and easiest RF detector on the market.”

Posted by Steven Maurya on 5th Feb 2022

Safe and Sound Classic II – Beginner RF Detector

Safe and Sound Classic II RF Meter

“As a professional EMF consultant this is the RF meter I recommend to everyone. I use the “Safe & Sound Pro” model for surveys, and always have one of these units with me to demonstrate and compare for clients. The “Safe & Sound Classic 2″ provides many of the features and same frequency range as the Pro model. It’s compact and easy to fit in a pocket. Best in category; highly recommended!”


Gigahertz Solutions ME3030B Beginner EMF Meter

Gigahertz Solutions ME3030B EMF Meter

“Great product. Easy to work with and precise. Very fast shipping from Safe Living Technologies.”

Posted by Raymond Cantin on 11th May 2021

EMF Protection Products – Reviews

Signal Protect Clear RF Shielding Window Film

EMF Protection Signal Protect Clear EMF Window Film

“I really love this product and have used it on multiple projects. The film is essentially clear in that it is possible to see right through it but has an ever so slight greyish tint that looks good and natural and is hard to notice when installed. Working with SLT is always easy and their customer service is great. I really feel confident that SLT stands behind all their products.”

Posted by Nancy Messinger on 23rd Jul 2021

Swiss Shield Naturell EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

EMF Protection Swiss Shield Naturell EMF Bed Canopy

“Just wanted to tell you that the fabric is AMAZING!  It takes my RFs down to nearly nothing!  I had the best sleep ever last night! I honestly can’t believe how much the fabric has stopped the searing pain in my ears at night! Thank you so much again”

Posted by Anonymous

YShield HSF54 EMF Shielding Paint

EMF Protection Yshield HSF54 EMF Paint

“Needed to paint the exterior of my house due to having a 4G and 5G antenna placed within line of sight and 200-300 feet. Applied 2 coats on james hardie fiber-cement board siding. Before application, readings inside were around 15,000 microwatts per sq meter. After application of the two coats readings were around 800. Most likely due to leakage from the roof/ceiling. Very good product. Grounding is important,”

Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2021
EMF Protection Reviews