Smart Healthy Building Science and Radio Frequency Radiation

Smart Healthy Buildings

Creating smart healthy buildings is an essential consideration when building a new home. Our exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR), wireless communications and “smart” building technologies including the “Internet of Things,” is increasing rapidly.

As both RFR exposure and scientific evidence of its harmful effects increase apace, it is timely to heed calls for preventative action. In general, this should include low RFR levels as a performance indicator for the health, safety and well-being of all living beings and our environment.

Adverse biochemical and biological effects at commonly experienced RFR levels indicate that exposure guidelines for the US, Canada and other countries are inadequate. These levels have shown to be unsuitable to protect both public health, and our environment.

Additionally, some industry liability insurance providers do not offer coverage against adverse health effects from radiation emitted by wireless technologies. This is due to insurance authorities deeming the potential liability associated with this the effects of RFR radiation as “high.” Internationally, governments have enacted laws and public health recommendations to reduce and limit exposure to RFR.

There is an urgent need to further implement these protocols worldwide to ensure we are not damaging our health and wellbeing. Overall, it is very important that we make smarter choices in order to optimize our productivity and diminish potential health concerns. There is a global need for awareness upon this topic and it is our goal to ensure you are kept aware of all things EMF.

What Makes Smart and Healthy Buildings