EMF Exposure – How to Mitigate Effectively

Do You Charge Your Phone On Your Bedside Table Every Night? 

Leaving electronics plugged in at night can be hazardous towards your overall health due to excessive EMF exposure. This is because at night, your body is meant to rest; to heal and repair itself.

If your electronics are plugged in beside where you are sleeping at night emitting EMF and RF, it will result in poor sleep patterns and interfere with your body’s overall ability to heal and repair itself.

EMF Exposure Reduction Made Easy

By ensuring your electronics are turned off and are not charging at night, you will ensure your household will stay healthy and sleep peacefully every night.

Try charging your electronics before you go to sleep or in a separate room on airplane mode. Ensure the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off to avoid sleep interference and diminish overall health hazards.

Further reduction of your exposure from RF and EMF radiation can be implemented by making use of our top selling EMF protection products, and monitored with our best EMF meters. Overall, it is essential to stay aware of the negative effects that EMF radiation can have on our cells

Why Is It So Important To Unplug All Electronics At Night?