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Radio Frequency Shielding (RF Shielding)

What Does Radio Frequency Shielding (RF Shielding) Mean?

Radio frequency (RF) shielding is a solution used for blocking radio frequency interference. It involves the construction of an enclosure to reduce the electric and magnetic transmissions from one space to another. Radio frequency shielding helps to protect electronic and computer devices from radio frequency interference issues that can affect their performance and functionality.

Radio frequency shielding is also known as radiation shielding.

What is Radio Frequency Shielding (RF Shielding)

Most electric and electronic devices produce radio frequency interference that could affect other nearby electric and electronic devices. The frequencies emitted from such devices could be captured by a special surveillance device that, in turn, could compromise the security and privacy of the source. Generally, radio frequency shielding helps in reducing the levels of radio frequency radiation that leave or enter the vicinity.

The design of radio frequency shielding (RF shielding) is such that the range of frequencies is filtered under specific conditions. A high degree of effectiveness can be achieved with properly designed and constructed radio frequency shielding. Overall, the blocking or absorbance of radio frequency signals by the shielding is determined by many factors. These factors include the material used, the conductivity of the material, the material thickness, the permeability of the material, etc. Additionally, even air flow to the enclosure and mechanical strength of the shielding are factors for the shield. Copper is the most preferred material for radio frequency shielding, as it is capable of absorbing both magnetic and radio waves.

Radio frequency shielding is often provided for government and corporate buildings. Although radio frequency shielding can be a standalone solution, when used with other techniques like filtering and grounding, it can be more cost effective.

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RF Shielding Solutions
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