EMF Exposure

What Are EMF’s & How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Generally speaking, EMF exposure is caused from the emitting of electromagnetic radiation from various sources.

EMF’s occur naturally and also come from human-made sources. Scientists and regulatory agencies generally agree that low-frequency EMF’s pose little danger to human health.

But some researchers offer preliminary evidence that some danger may exist for long-term use, specifically to the nervous system and brain cognitive function.

Overall, exposure to large levels of high-frequency EMF’s is known to damage human DNA and cells. But it’s very unlikely that you’ll be exposed to levels high enough to endanger your health in your daily life. Generally, most exposure comes mostly in only small amounts.

Because of this, the best approach is to be aware that EMF’s exist and be smart about your exposure. This is a developing field of research that will undoubtedly expand as our use of wireless devices and labor-saving machines increases. Keep an eye on the news for developing research.

All in all, most of us are used to the electronic conveniences of modern life, but few of us are aware of the possible health risks presented by the gadgets that make our world work.

Should You Be Worried About EMF Exposure?
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